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University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign (UIUC)

Office: Room 1218, Thomas M. Siebel Center

Email: xz23@illinois.edu

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I am a Ph.D. student working with Prof. Alexander Schwing at Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign (UIUC).

Before coming to UIUC, I worked as a research assistant at Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC), a philanthropically endowed academic computer science institute.

Earlier, I received B.S. degree in Statistics from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC).

I have several internships in Kuaishou AI Lab, Tencent AI Lab, and JD.com with projects spanning in the areas of game AI, reinforcement learning and recommendation system.



Start research internship at Computational Photography Group in Reality Labs.


One paper gets accepted in NeurIPS 2021.


One paper gets accepted in ICCV 2021.


Start research internship at Apple Inc.